I love music, and embarrass pride myself in having a most diverse database of songs in my Google Play list. When I say diverse, well, tell me if you disagree (or agree!). Some of the artists in my database include Chick Corea, Frank Sinatra, Benny Mardones, Joe Bonamassa, to Run-D.M.C., The Sugarhill Gang, Eminim and N.W.A., to Tim McGraw and Brooks and Dunn, to a handful of classical music. I have a nifty little bluetooth Bose speaker that I stream this music to from my phone, and typically listen each morning/afternoon while showering. I’ve gone so far as to set up a “Shower” playlist, although I’m still not sure what kind of music should be on a Shower playlist.

Most of the time, I simply hit “shuffle” and go with whatever comes on. This morning for example (okay, it was 1pm, but I work late!), I began with some Eagles, and then this little oldie came on. 

I never would have thought that this would belong on my Shower playlist, but I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t put me in a great mood! Such a tragedy what became of Karen Carpenter. I sometimes wonder what she could have done musically if she had lived a full life. Next up in my shower was one of my all-time favorites from The Police.  So… diverse, yes?

I honestly don’t know how I would make it through my day if it were not for my music.  When I lived in Florida and drove a car daily, it was Howard Stern and Paul and Young Ron that put me in the right mood to start my day.  Now that I live in NYC, it’s my music.

What energizes you to start your day?


4 thoughts on “Music

  1. In the spring of 1982, I saw the Police in the Carrier Dome. The university gave the Chancellor’s box to all the committee chairs and co-chairs that worked on the MDA 48 dance marathon. By the time I got there, the bartender was passed out on the floor and there was wonderful haze in the Dome. Good daze!

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    • Ira- As you know, I worked “Dome Security” back then. It was a really important job – I had a t-shirt that said “Dome Security” and struck fear in the audience!! 😉 It was such a great gig – while the lights were still up, I helped people find seats, told people in the aisles to move and was generally everyone’s worst nightmare – a real pain in the butt! When the lights went down, we’d all rush the stage and take off our t-shirts. I actually had people offer me cash for my shirt so they could try and get away with moving around in future concerts! Ahhh, the good ol’ days!


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